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Ashley Purdy - Crown of Thorns lyrics

[Verse 1]
Seven years have come and gone
All that's left are scriptures songs
Livin' with the pieces of my memory
I'll guard all the dying and k** all the blamed and hoped
When martyrs die who is left to hide the moonlight?

I will walk through hell in these words I've fell
Striving into your arms
With this crown of thorns
With my crown of thorns

[Verse 2]
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Drag me in the sky, black lungs give you hope to rise above
And I watch you wonder who I had to be
And I'm not the Messiah and I can't heal a broken home
I'll give you my life and my pride to live through tonight



Faith incumbent through the darkness
Sins of carnage we've become of

[Chorus x2]

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