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Ashlee Raynee - Perspective lyrics


[Verse 1: Ashlee Raynee]
I got a cup full of lemonade
I'm sippin'on my enemies
Depression got me starving
Pa** the sauce i'm dippin' memories
Was never yours from the f**ing start
Yeah i said that line with a f**ing broken heart
Same heart u broke, the other half you own
f** em b**hes u bone
Change my name in your phone
Now they say i been trippin'
b**h you seen my shoes?
You know that i ain't trippin
Ain't got room for trippin'

[Hook: Ashlee Raynee]
The more I ball, the more that i see of you
Heart pieces fall, you don't care really do you?
The more i fall, everything comes into perspective
Now i run to you
Tell you everything about me
I was loving you
Cuz' you seemed like you'd defend me
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Because what I see is true
Because what I see is you

[Verse 2: Ashlee Raynee]
I know it's what it f**in' seems
I ain't blinded by your ugly color schemes
Babe you were the man of my f**ing dreams
Trade my heart for yours
I'd say f** other teams
Love lock down hear my dungeon screams
Feel like you went down shot a dozen beams
At my heart cuz' I'm chasing after something green
You went dirty on me
Now I'm chasing something clean
My name's Ashlee i got it going on
You were the reason that i wrote this song
Can't believe that i waited this f**ing long
To get this nappy headed dickhead n**uh up and gone
Up and gone…
(Up and gone)
Up and gone
(Up and gone)
Can't believe that i waited this f**ing long to get this nappy headed dickhead up and gone


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