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ASAP - Head Count lyrics

Dem man are other side I can't trust my cousin
I will smoke opp on my f**in' brothers, my mothers
I got mad hate for dem under covers (Trust , DICKHEADS)
Tryna lock man up til mans 30 suttin'
I got bagged of grub told the officer I weren't serving nuttin' (Nahh)
Bare talk from dem b**h boys, when they see us they're cuttin' (Dasheen)
Chef man up on the main road you know Asap loves it (Chef him up)
Free young M he don't listen, he's so f**in' stubborn
I'm tryna go ham (Go ham)
25 shot's in the mac, that's for your whole gang (Skrr, Pah)
Skeng in the 4 door truck, I'm tryna go ham (Smoke man)
25 shot's in the mac, that's for your whole gang

Fiddy shot don't play
16 man are still OJ (OJ)
If it was not for the chro and yay
Live J that's bro from day
Live corn when I bang that tre (Bang Bang)
In skengs we trust when I rise up suttin got dead up today (Dead up)
Suttin got dead up today(Dead up)
Why n***as adding that K (Why)
Got 6 shots in that spin spin long, you don't wanna come my way
In Felts got my man wrapped, all that we did was pay (Yeah I did)
Made some next boy squat, wanted that pack that day
Finessed that pack that day
Role up smoke up where you stay (Same way)
Skengs out smoke him Skdrr, then I go chill with bae (Bae Bae Bae)
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Take a trip to the 8 with gang
Bro like where are they (Where are they, where are they?)
Take a trip to the 8 with gang
Link CD and K (That's bro that's bro)
You don't wanna get dip by dip dat on the back road it's cray (Muad Muad)
Skeng can't fit in the pocket long chopper, look like a cane Fiddy Shot [?] guns that's why they betray
Roll and smoke with gang, suttin got dead up today
Suttin got dead up today
---- Got a shank by his arsehole (Arsehole)
Flip that shank mans face now he got sh**face for actin a arsehole
I wrap that box, smoke amn when I bust that parcel
I'm a king in the 6, and the whole of Brixton my castle
I mean the whole of south west my castle
I got boxes of amn plus skengs on the block with gunners like Arsenal
I ain't tryna go back jail man my Thameside days I was chillin with rascals
Smokin all of the amn, done a whole load of road for the gang
I smoke man in the face with a coat
3 2 same size as a can (Muad)

There's bells in the dots, there's crayons in the mop if you lack that's long
When manaman turn up with the dots, I see man run, chip up and jaws
Still OT with that white girl but this white girl ain't your average blonde (Bando)
Crash man down on the backroads speeding couldn't give a toss about humps (Baow)
Nuff amnesia in my rizla, ra** that now manamans all slumped (I'm high)
I do nuff road with the bros but I fly OT and I'm 2 packs up (Quay..Quay)
I remember young days those push bike days like 2 shanks up (Blade Blade)
Get the job done with skengs in a 4 door truck it's a must

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