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ASAP - Barry Bonds lyrics

[Verse 1: Waka Flocka Flame]
Shoutout to every n***a fronted me a pack when I was f**ed up
Always been a gunner, my n***a, never ducker
Bet she wanna ride with a n***a like me
And she wanna hang and smoke with me
Man I love when the crowd recite every lyric
Rappin from the heart, rappin from the spirit, know the Lord hear it
Grandma gotta eat, I gotta get it
What they talkin bout we livin'
Waddup lame, what it do bustas
Know y'all don't like us but your girls wanna f** us
My gangstas on E, so I'm pimpin
n***a what you drinkin, what you sippin
Most my n***as blood, some crippin'
Out in Chi-Town with some real GD's and some VL's
Gangsta worldwide with this sh** my n***a can't you tell
Some say "Crime don't pay," it's hard to tell
n***as said they want my chain, eat the shells
Thank God for the Shells and Citgo, Chevron and the Ammaco

[Hook: ASAP]
I be on my Maserati boss sh**
Top down in the winter
Middle of the summer but it's feeling like December
Yeah, I wake up in the morning with a b**h I don't remember, I'm a winner
So my whole team start
Ballin like I'm Barry hitting b**hes out the park, home run
You better get your own son
I'm on now, and I'm on one
[Verse 2: P Smurf]
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I thank God for another one, then roll another one
Hit my connect up, tell him I need another one
King size bed them sets of double Ds in it
n***a the condo smellin like a weed clinic
Room 1017 that's at the top n***a
Smokin Grade A while I'm getting topped n***a
BSM the new Row, and I'm Pac n***a
Stomping n***as out in the lobby, me and Flock n***a
I love my squad
Money over b**hes I love my mob
In a four door Porsche with a hip-hop vixen
And the diamonds in my charm clearer then KY Mixing


[Verse 3: ASAP]
I rubberband the work so you know a n***a stretch it
And if she stepped on we just call that b**h neglected
Whip it like a slave, all white, I'm a racist
Running for the money like a horse when it races
Cash on my mind, money on my mental
Cocaine ? I bring it back like a rental
Look me in my eyes, can you tell me what I've been through
I've been to hell and back, I've got some pa**es I can lend you
Chef up in the kitchen, but this ain't Benihana's
But I'm working two Pacs, I call 'em baby mommas
Verses the new ? she go in labor
I'm tryin to make a profit so I cut it like a razor


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