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ArtyRobo - R.I.P. Lord Infamous lyrics

ArtyRo Nemesis,flow with that k**a sh**
Sparking the foes till they frozen & wimpering
Cuase we rap fast we compared to lord infamous

[ArtyRobo verse]
Scarecrowin' I'm creepin',so souless you seepin'
Eyes glowin' redbeaming, but I am no demon..,
Shones steady leaking to songs of the weekend..
Lightining amaze by strike of the mage
From night of the grave,my teeth made of blades
Phonk my soul-eyes of darkness
Mouth fulla gold-fangs are sharpened
Days I be starring in space with no martians
b**hes be knickin' my dick leave 'em parchin
Rip out your cartlidge,leave you retarded
Maximoffin,slayin 'em often....
Be your self surrogate-n***a no jockin'
Harder you coughing by sharper the crocket
Coffinin' carcases,often I'm flawless with
Grindin yo spirit,smoke it and clear it
Ghosts you are hearing,approaching you fearin'
Afloating uplifted,echoing in pitches
Moaning of b**hes,stroking while rippin' and leaving drippin'
Snappin' with rappin' art trappin'
I'm stackin and slashin you hasbeens "yo action is wackness"
I'm ga**in' & bashin yo crackin like asprin
Save you-I take you,I break and reshape you..

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n***a Naruto & I am Takashi
I am yo maker so you could not stop me
Snake on her lips..drinkin' me floppy
Thanatos sandin ghost scythin so godly.,
Ba** heavy knockin,never forgottin
Sippin' mount fuji like its arizona
Spit of infernal,I'm burnin' you stonage..

Land of savage,manic of madness
f** a contortionist,makin' her backbend
Hellsing blastin',mugen slashin'
Wealth by my pa**ion..soon I will have it
Bringing the phonk.. for you to feel..
While smoking or leanin and stuck in a chill.,
Clean dirtyboy from south vampin grill.,
k**in' f** n***as who thinkin' they ill
Future rich ladies and best of them meals
Trying my fate & you soon to get peeled
Never be fake cuase you n***as ain't real
The last shall be 1st as up hidden irony
Slayin my enemies 'my n***a stop trying me"


(Neme$1$ verse)


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