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ArtyRobo - Eye of Rah lyrics

[ArtyRobo VERSE 1]
It's Areazrah,n***a f** up yo group
Creep while you sleep,f** n***as get spooked
My legion-my troops,yo army of few
You prey to me n***a,we slayin' these n***as
Foogazi a** n***as nuke blaze 'em with triggas
Hittin' you quicker like space beamin' hitters
Tossed off my planet-your a satelite driftin'
You mad & you sniffin' & I'm mackin yo b**hes
Bust in her mouth & she tell me how i taste
Nehi Peach then she fade with a faint
He spillin when I drill her then get she face paint
Forgive me if I k** 'em and my darksoul taint
While im sittin on on the ceiling like sharkghost slank..
b**hes countin millions and they can't fit a bank
Mushin chickens who be knickin actin all slank
Old n***as keep wishin cuase im past yall rank
Yall clones while we different what the f** you thank
Yall prospects we gena-ralls
Hella suspects so you seen as flaw
All you n***as look gay rockin gold-zerseez
Can tell it in ya eye that you pie & percy
With immortal techniques reap-no mercy
Oh my bad you was sayin dont hurt me
God of d**h sweep elm street unearth me
Cuase im not a human hollowgram illusion
Grill so chill like anartic moment

Chop a n***a head off carve em up destro
Light 'em up bombfire body flyer-necro
Chain 'em to the whip draggin dashin on the petro

[ArtyRobo VERSE 2]
Boredom destortion
You plugged up I'm cordless
You stuck & the same when I ran cross this orbit
n***as are norbit,my gosh your annoying
Feeling So posh off this Art-self employment
So late she in corset,Im snakin' in her Orchid
Then I ignore her I named her Ignora
Pimp with shirt flora,and they be my adoras
f**n***a you Brown I'ma astoundin yo Cora
Plow in her more in,get breakfast next mornin
Double typhoon when I zoom-ba** is stormin
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Pimp come around and these ho's be explorin
Theres no feelings no b**h im not storing
My memry card error,no b**h im not caring
I'm spittin so face-my tongue dry asthma flaring
So f** a sh**breath cuase they just homie hoping
Lames they claim spiritual but dont got knowledge
I just do me & my auras they see

[ArtyRobo VERSE 3]
While these n***as be hatin me everydey
Cuase they b**hes they love me becuase they gay
f** what a gossiping jockin' sh** gotta stay
I'm here with A spear and so clear that I'm gonna stay
Creepin' like the Predator you be a new runnin' prey
Right behind you slicin' I'm strikin' you with the blade
Always on my on my grizzy they tempt me like when to shave
My balls in zombie strippers they open like mountian caves
Till she fiendin' creamin' she squezin' for all my glaze
She a semen demon she never do any grace.,
So I bust a nut on her beauty cute f**in' face.,
Then she smear it in and just to blend into the paste.,
Burn you with Tajiri mist like its some pepper mace.,
s**in' on my dick while I'm pullin her by her braids.,
Like you sip lean you be catchin' so many fades.,
I'm pourin' down ya b**h with the limeiest Minute Maid.,
Then she pucker lips like she horny Lana Del Rey
Illest way I k** this sh**,spilling 'em when I slay..

[Verse 4]
Eyes white and glowing,devine of the golden
Come catch my hynosis
You trip off the dosage
Dimension mind trips leave you trapped in a clitch
Akira I'm Tetsuo metamind pitch
Highest of sounds,the artist I'm bound
Slide through yo' town,murk a show flowin' rounds
Lyrical hollow point,spiritual shockin joints
Too metaphoric ephoric your borin
Mackin' yo girl while you be steady dorkin'
That zonna I'm sippin',you loners be wishin'
Get a sip,I'm mushin you quick,b**hes so flirty
Prollyy they body 'round fountians so thirsty
I be illustrator,you be imitator
Cuase you can't make it,you don't try,trace it

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