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Arttu Tolonen - Hornswoggled lyrics

...and gather ‘round
I have a tale to tell
‘bout how I fled this town
Back when Red MacDougal's
Speckled chicken didn't lay
And the Hanson Twins' cows ran dry
From February ‘til May

I found myself shanghaied
In the spring of ‘33
When Lon Chaney Senior
Came walking up to me
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Speaking nonsense about clowns
In the middle of the night
And how he and Louie Jacobs
Went and stole a flashlight

Wandered my way to and fro
Until I saw the southern sea
Where three square meals a day
Made a sailor outta me
Mopped the decks for six full moons
Don't wanna brag or boast
Hopped overboard and swam ashore
When we hit the Ivory Coast...

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