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Arttu Tolonen - City on the Hill lyrics

What if I like booze
What if I like pills
I like moments
I don't feel

You can lay on my bed
And polish the bra**
You can butter my bread
And kiss my a**
I've been drunk
I've been driven
I ain't forgotten
And I ain't forgiven

And that shining city
On the top of the hill
Last best beacon of hope
A hangman's knot
And length of rope
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Once they called me kid
Now my name is Lizzie
And I've loved them large and tall
Like them small and skinny
If you can't keep a wife
Come nearer
Get a rearview mirror

‘cause of all the bottles
In the whole wide world
There ain't a one
Like the bottle of mine

I'll cream your corn
And settle your hash
I'll blow your horn
All others pay cash

You can lay on my bed…

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