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Artifex - Reap lyrics

Ft. DJ Illogic

Now take to the field that we sow
Give it to the patient and make the root grow
To the weight, form ? to the base of the soil
Let's wait and pray for new soul(?)
Just let em say the grace, they'll say go
Regardless of what the fates one may hold
Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of d**h
I embrace and make his face known
This one's for the thief as he steals all the seeds
And release all the seeds to destroy every vineyard
Break every branch that was drafted and crafted
You see and believe, you were never really in it(?)
But I take what is mine, promised the past I was given
Listen, you can neva have that raw(?)
Now see through the lies, the mirage, the illusion
The airport(the apple?!) every ?
App the alarm that was once, now install a heart
It tells me that my sins are colossal
Lets take what is awful and drop it
Watch how they fall and they turn into fossils
Stop with the pride that devours
Mind is renewed in it's power
Thou which is noble, things that is true
Things that are just, I'm here to tell you
Just think(?) of a word to revive me
Take out the storm that is beatin' inside me
Repulsive with flesh and resuscitate the black that was founded in ?
In your imminent ?
Made me horizons, payed for refinement
Detoured the crooked and gave it alignment
The world will deny it
But you know we will neva surrender
We will spill with conviction behind us
Now take to the fields of the whore
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The wind now move in our favor
? in the grip of your sword
The fortress fall to our sabers
Fame make poor and corrupt every soldier
Some get scorch and absorbed by the rain
Put no force over nature and stop the invasion
Expose the dark in our cave
Forget your ambition, your mind is deceitful
? in yo heart, your mind could be lethal
Retake the steeple, dry out the pages
Return the sword right back to its people
Risk all the cold for the chips that we empty ourselves
The symbols of all that may botch the a**ignment
Press for disciples, press for revival
Take your desires, remind to deny it
From the pack of the wolves to the pack of disservice(?)
Act of the serpent
Right is the pool of a true man of God
Who confirms that a life with no pa**ion is formless
Pa**ion adversest
Capture the planet that be held captive by enemy insurgents
Boy, you betta learn it
You can never fight ? but you sit and your remedy's discernment(?)
The self on a quest for a cure
You gettin' the stress and the voices
It heals the effects of the heart
Regardless, ? to the poison
The day of the harvest is comin'
You betta not sleep that appointment
Let this be just a reminder
You will reap the reward of your choices
(Choices, choices choices)

We are Artifex!
We are Artifex!

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