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Articulate Advocates - Walking Word Banks lyrics

[Verse 1: Pill]
Angry at the world, nah, it's just the people
Frequently wearing down my temper very feeble
Your votes are being wheedled, hopefully you'll see though
Not all men are actually created equal
Fact of the matter, your sh** is straight fecal
Kick you while you're down, current position placed in fetal
Guess who it is while you watching through the keyhole
It makes us feel great so of course it is illegal
It's unbelievable how they lie and say it's lethal
I'm powered by the sour crystal powder on the diesel
Bout to get medieval, cause a damn upheaval
Digging for a piece of hay in a stack of needles
I'm being summoned, to put a stop to all this rubbish
These S.O.B. sob stories need punished
Your side of the story, it will never be published
Your career is going down the toilet, hope to god it flushes
Bludgeoned bloody without budging on this frozen ground you being hunted
You're done with, I'm the one they call the huntsman
Stumbling until my tunnel-vision locks to somethin'
Like the big bad wolf the way I'm huffin' and I'm puffin'
I'm puzzled by these putzes, these dozens of dunces
Nuggets in abundance, I'm abusing the substance
An interesting brain, gears turn the other way
And they grind from time to time when i hear what you have to say
Hey, either you pause or you play
Can't rewind this sh** though so don't make a single mistake
Act fast now, your reputation is at stake
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I just hit the mute button for my ear drums' sake

[Verse 2: Audacy]
Shape-shifting lyrics encrypted with hidden messages
Better learn how to read hieroglyphics or clues from Benjamin
A mason free-speaking leads a revolutionary feat
Minute men, a basic team defeated plead to spare their fleet
Well they'll be gone in sixty seconds
A father standing in awe while I'm whispering unlawful confessions
We're stepping in directions without any map legends
We're guessing that every uneven edge is to take breath in
Well learn to count your f**ing syllables
Our syllabus requires minimum goals that would make your life miserable
In clinical conditions, we get picky with the finish
Tearing up the paint and spreading on a layer of charisma in this
Torture chamber of boredom and walking word banks
They cash a check and now they're talking like they're in a gang
Reppin' tour cities and all of that other dumb sh**
Think you should be rapping like that if you didn't come from it?
Someone's fought those battles for you already
You're plagiarizing lifestyles and then taking the credit
These spiels about Glocks creeping the block
The clock's ticking but I have yet to witness a bomb drop
The calm before the storm, it's ignored until the damage hits
Sore contenders try fix broken-open companionships
I'll pan this dusty room and glance around the broom closet
Searching for something to sweep up pieces that another's dropping

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