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Articulate Advocates - The Robin's Nest, Jim P White, dSnapAp., A Think Tank is Built Around; " Library Flights." lyrics

Tonight the Robin's Nest dSnapAp will attended the book premier: "Democratic Architecture" - Now in it's third release, updated to advance dialogues on a topic all of us read in dailies across the nation.

Donald MacDonald, writer, architect noted civic advocate and puzzle solver, introduced the concepts to a full house of residents, colleagues, film producers in documentary and profit films, concerned citizens. Developers, Mayor's, new and emerging will be excited as the book and tested ideas makes the debate circles.

Sold out event, the San Francisco Library quietly nest's in the cities heart pounding Financial district.

"Mechanics' Institute" hosts Architect, Donald MacDonald, and I along with advocates will learn best ways to alert a city in crises, best foundations to deverting. Keep my neighbors stress free, as architects understand building with stress factors is a science. Advocacy is part poet energy, part willing to learn new science, so this Robin is heading to flightlines of promising ideas., AIA.

Updates July 17/2015: "Delta Force - NextGen's: The "DO-Tanks, As Poetry Moves a Think-Tank." Humanitarian Missions Around My City."

I am the robin who flew away from the nest. Flew to a new nest as a military veteran and flew after service wondering if healing on uncharted oceans as a seagoing Merchant Mariner had any medicinal elements. The ocean, hard work and new places did for me what the Veterans hospital could not. So today, still rusty from voyages, yet grounded in missions, part wellness as a diet, a lifestyle, i still crave that one logical reason I chose the uniform....humanitarian-plus- mission.

The transition from the US Army during the industrial era open doors for hard hatters, the blacksmith inventor spirited. Yet the era changed. employment aspects, making things, became pa**ay.

Welcome the "Infomercials" as the new info Phd platform quickly turned Vocational training, and the high school shop teachers, one-in-one begun, the doomed crises. Leaving many social scientists, teachers, parents to wonder, " where will a student get a job?"

[Check reviews of the 5 star ] (**%20as%20Soulcraft%20An%20Inquiry%20into%20the%20Value%20of%20Work%20by%20Matthew%20B%20Crawford%20-%20Ask%20YourselfWhat%20Have%20I%20Accomplished%20Today.pdf

Life is good, yet neighbors many from the industrial era say other matters are hurting them, bearing weight on their survival spirits.

Seniors, disabled: "elderly old salts, and the landlord rents." Affordable housing is at a crises point. Enter Mr. Donald MacDonald, AIA leader, a Scotsman with a pen sharper than Poet Scotsman , David Whyte. Yet both inspire me, both set tones and respectfully, hit the nail on thy targets - exciting forums, debates, dialogs in advocacy.

Living port to port as a mariner of the sea, yes, was exciting, educational, artistic.

Still roots matter, having a dedicated place is the comfort level designed by self. A Blacksmith and his little shop of tools. Say today, I shall "Invent" or maybe just self-repair a door jam in my place. Rewarding. Medicinal.

Now I'm a San Francisco resident. New career goals, stemmed from city college. They welcomed me; the anti-information eras critic. "Library Sciences and Technologies."
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The ultimate information professional. Societies, a**ociations, Networks, Libraries and the labs. These professionals do make a difference in societies fast paced catalogs. Transition knowledges and wellness from loss of careers in the industrial era. Now a reference guru on info. Mostly the absolute mentor 2 protegee, force de jure I have ever experienced. I found myself, tear happy once, or twice from knowing these Expert Subject Humanitarians(2), (ESHh). Expert at empathy" Humble" with sharing, Hence the squared (H's) .

"Everything Is Waiting for You," Whyte, David, Poem.

True I did not make it easy on my professors, at my age, diplomacy is best left to the think-tank artists. A little truth, is best for my journey than anyone else's. Guess the "say what you mean, and mean what you say," generation past, is today called "disruptors."
I so like that word.

I learned the secrets to research, I studied Library Sciences. Crisis Mapping, data mining info vaults, as pick and shovels were to an era of coal miners, the lights on target in the darkest places to be discovered.

Librarian Tech, More with my eye towards hands-on, keeping order "from"chaos, disruption of dust on a bookshelf, "Be Gone." Fingerprint smudges in the page of indexes..."be Off!!!

All in all I am a advocate. Got a license to practice advocacy in a centric setting, yet advocating fair, neutral and as is challenging. Donald MacDonald's lecture touched on a city's policy or in many cases, a lack of policy for affordable housing.

I knew deeply what he meant, from years fighting for homeless veterans and, sure I got a White House award for this policy battle. I learned and worked alongside true warriors.

Met the best of the US Senate, and House. Whereas, The "Lobby" to platform for landlords, developers do spend time, energy, money, to get their way is the battle advocates nemesis , the gunfighter against the blacksmith.

Lobbyists as gunfighters, are NOT blacksmiths and locksmiths, as community humanitarians. Lest we forget a "blacksmith MAKES from the hot fire shapes the gunfighters tool only lobbyists to use, Blacksmiths are makers of new, refurbishing and well oiled ideas.

The opening night, " Democratic Architecture - Affordable Housing" Mr. MacDonald released his vision, blueprint, directed at metro/urban cities.

If an architect of his experience, award level, has a idea. I think it worthy to check it out, maybe suggest a copy for my Mayor?

Energy of solutions begin, anew, a poetic fresh way to solve a city by city crises. I once wrote in a speech adding If Reading Tanks, are in fact this era's newest architecture,then let these be a home build as " Do-Tanks"..Jim White, ( advocacy-on- Homeless Veterans. 2012.)

dSnapAp: June 25, 2015. More to follow. July 17, 2015 As I trace this forward and humbly build forward: Welcome the NextGen's:" The Doing-Tanks."

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