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Articulate Advocates - The Blu Spot lyrics

[Verse 1: Audacy]
You complained the explanation was vague
But I've been awakened by something greater
Escalatin' higher than the elevator
Step into my chamber, I would love to see you try and listen
We've got so many f**ing bars that we could build a prison
Quarter him shorter than Tyrion sword and order him
To coil up in soil and spoil their drawers with stolen oil
Leaking out the pockets of General Generosity
Chiefin' keef in moccasins, nothing will ever bother me
I made peace with pipe dreams, the light it's unlikely
Fake beats and steez in bulk generic as your light weed
High speed flowin' you know that we got that funky pot
We hail a taxi and it takes us to the Blue Spot
Del packs tons of cannabis in cocky bowls with candles lit
Let the record play and show our foes that they can't handle it
Hand in your badge and your gun and cash in all your motivation
If chasing keeps you occupied then either ignore or face it

[Verse 2: Pill]
It's the orator, idea storing innovator
Plot forming generator, adversar-eradicator
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Troublemaker, lawbreaker, jaw-breaking all these haters
Perpetrating mutilator, yo prepare to meet your maker
Chalkboard nail scraper, locked doors can't save ya
Raise your f**in' hands even if you aren't in favor
No authentic sense left, just a bunch of imitators
Tryin' to extract data from my everlasting flavor
Gobstoppers, bomb dropper, top notch improper talker
Spit until I start to slobber, you can Betty's off the rocker
Useless, oblivious and clueless
You don't even know how much you do not know about stupid
I won't take no excuses, I don't give two sh**s
Piece of cake, who's on the stage now? Bruce is
Blood, sweat, tears, and a pale complexion
Cannabutter in the fudge so eat the entire confection
Got you sketchin' now I'm betting, point you in the wrong direction
Shoulda payed attention, instead you paying the pension
Man you'll never learn your lesson unless you started invenstin'
A little sense of reception or simple acts of profession
But hey, what do i know? I'm just making suggestions
It's too late anyway, already made your impression
But it's okay, nobody's rate is at perfection
Excuse me for abusin' the usin' of my corrections

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