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Articulate Advocates - It's Real lyrics

[Verse 1: Pill]
Just slipped my thinking cap on, thoughts being withdrawn
On the spot, start to spawn, then by god they're bygone
Let em' be, let me breath, let em' see, let me stop
The best line that you never heard I probably just forgot
Can't believe that it's real, but it is, and i love it
Gunnin' it above it, then i f**in' plummet from the summit
Tying loose ends, lacing knots up in your stomach
I'm a pain in your neck, pressing the cuspid to the gullet
Eyes half the size but my mind is open wide
Put our heads together when we feel our third eyes collide
Misinterpret words and then I turn them into rhymes
Escaping from the cycle to a place beyond the pines
I'm off the chain and I'm pulling yours
Wait til you see what these advocates have in store
I'm ravin', why you tapping at my chamber door?
They here to plea, beg, and implore for me to spit a little more
You step and I'mma leap, just confess your verses cheap
Before you sneak another peek at the cheat sheet on your screen
And when they talk about weed it's my biggest pet peeve
I seek a shiny green tree not a pile of dead leaves
A pen-like piece of machinery seems to be
A reason we feel the need to be so indiscreet
Rapping in my dreams, writing in my sleep
I awaken every morning with a head full of lines I need to keep

[Verse 2: Audacy]
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I keep peddling on but I'm back to my lawn again
It's a small world after all, the sitting here and watching it
Blame the kids, give them tricks, they'll grow up to deal with it
Begging for a choice to be either me or ignorant
Kicking this bucket list, had about enough of this
Spontaneous lines are making top twenty hits
What ever happened to originality?
These new raps are scraped from YMCMB's cleats
Scrap sheets fill up the compartments in the davenport
Getting better with every measurement when we hit record
Vessels are clotted, inspect and gain knowledge
I'm being blunt, man this chronic, ridiculousness has started
You can catch my enemies taking naps in anemones
Fantastic fox trots without a clue, knees trembling
Eyes glued to the television, unsettling
Came back from the future and stayed to keep all your sh** from selling
I'll be tracking down your record to shatter it
Doesn't matter, you'll be sitting in this traffic for hours
Ignore the clattering of the hooves on the rooftop
Providing news to be shot before we concluded the plot
Quickly mourning early risers, endorsements for outsiders
Of course we have a**ortments of sizes to fit the silences
I'm keeping faithful to the double A meetings
In fear that life expectancy for patsies is decreasing
In the blink of an eye, we can leave all this sh** behind us
So we recline into a foggy state of bliss and empty-mindedness
I happen to be finding this to be kind of ironic
It's like alkaseltzer and tonic the way ideas respond

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