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Articulate Advocates - Bull Rush lyrics

[Verse 1: Audacy]
I'm just clarifying, I close my eyes and open em'
To an unfamiliar road through a field of opium
Show ponies sleeping in the posies
Fell asleep Thoreau-ly without the neighboring train imposing

[Verse 2: Pill]
Got True Sk**, still unaware of where I'm ranked
I write like Lloyd when I'm trying to be Frank
Fallingwater flow, show the stoners down below
Yo I need some f**ing change, time to break open the piggy bank

[Verse 3: Audacy]
I'm unnoticed, standing focused, and noting frantically
Habitual b**hes pushing religious fatalities
Wowing me, breaking limits of stupidity boundaries
Anti-protagonists, the children are bound to be

[Verse 4: Pill]
Things are seen different in the eye of this beholder
Devising with the Devil, angel crying on my colder shoulder
Can't tell, so high I feel sober
I'm a lucky mother f**er, you still picking 3 leaf clovers

[Verse 5: Audacy]
These cloudy rooms will cut the tension with a butter knife
Starting conversational battles until the morning light
St. Nicked me with the golden arrow
Getting Deniro in the Cash Cab below the railroad
NooseDress as a necklace, keep your collar tight
White in the face, shy with a pace
The rate of a tortoise exploring outerspace
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Galloping through galaxies and masterpieces
In museums dating cave paintings back to me

[Verse 6: Pill]
Let the bowl rush to your head, eyes red
Rover, over, and over again
You back and forth pacing trying to pick out what I said
Comprehend and make sense of what it is that I just meant
But I, keep on spittin' piss you off to no end
Break your concentration to no mend
If you wanted me to stop all you gotta say is when
When, the rules are in my hands you know they about to bend

[Verse 7: Audacy]
Actually, the certificate of my authenticity will show it
I didn't know i was closing doors for other poets weeping
Tip-toeing cross the creek will wake a neighborhood
Heavy breaths, nothing left, but an empty wooden chest
Investor infesting the nest egg
The next plague leaves the new kids with headaches
The best thing for the game since wrestling
Attempting a new craze to keep their heads straight

[Verse 8: Pill]
Setting booby traps, leave your body to rot
To the bone, all alone yo, Chester Copperpot
Took the wallet from the body then we hit the jackpot
These Goonies are loony, you buffoons are getting caught
Cough it up, spit it out, let's see some words come out your mouth
Let's see what all your little f**ing friends been in my face about
Let me hop up on this high horse they say you used to mount
You just built yourself up and then I tore your a** down

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