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Articulate Advocates - A New Era lyrics

[Verse 1: Audacy]
I'm hitting bowls like Ca**ius, turning hash into ashes
Belts are fastened like this doesn't ordinarily happen to the
Articulate Advocates, bask in our relics
You'll witness every intercepting line fall into place like Tetris
Trimming off these hedges, dripping quarters in the iodine
I'm tripping down a hole to find a door I couldn't fit inside
Wish that I could flee behind the curtain like the wizard type
All great and all powerful, always held accountable
File down the stone hall, the gla**-tall like Hannibal's
Thrown off by all the signs that show he ain't a fan of bowls
Animals in the barn, living without a single care
We share a couple joints, we are employed to inhale illegal air
Tear these witty kids to bits to fuel another hidden hit
Carry a crucifix, you'll be eating through tubes again
They got every single hooligan refusing to duel with them
We cruise over to shoot the breeze and catch some wind of rising heat
Leap to search and seize their beat before they catch a line to sneak
Cleaning up the food chain, racking my brain through the week
Another drummer's kick, snare hits through my speech
I show the motivational equivalence of Dr. King

[Verse 2: Pill]
Drop the labels, stop the fables, you call yourself a rapper?
Every time you stand up to the mic, it is a knee slapper
A perfect capper to a rap, it always ends in laughter
You tried climbing to the top, fell off the first bar on the latter
All ready to bake, already stirring up the batter
Rolling up a thick joint and then we twist a blunt fatter
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That's the type of sh** I need to help me write another chapter
And that is final, I don't have a rough draft sir
The author and the editor about to make his story better
Sever and a**emble my words to correct measures
Inspect every one of them each in their own sectors
Throw them back together to make it a best-seller
Off the top of my head, light bulbs eruptin'
A bright young mind stays steadily pumpin'
Intelligent rhymes that result from combustion
Confront the ones who judge until they malfunction
Do this like its nothing but it really is somethin'
It's got me chuckling now that I see they mouths shuttin'
Don't you ever disrupt my damn music production
And don't you dare f** with this radical ragamuffin
Our style is unique, yo our sound so distinct
I bet you were starting to think that all good rappers were extinct
We catching on to something, leaves us living on the brink
I'll fire and I'll hit it til' your battleship sinks
We in a new generation of rap, a new era
Clearly scaring peers who staring up at us in terror
Funny how they all skedaddle away from a rap battle
And come back once they've gathered a pack from their gang of a**holes
Piece it all together like a puzzle, get the picture
Purposely spilling a mixture of my own into the pitcher
Spit until my ribs hurt, until this sh** gets heard
Til' these clever a** verses get the credit that they deserve
I write to prove you wrong in nearly ever single song
Flip my switch, man its on, I'll put you back where you belong
Put you in the right place, the wait won't be long
Your a** is getting handed to you so hold out your sweaty palms

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