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Arthur Hugh Clough - "Yes, I have lied, and so must walk my way," lyrics

Yes, I have lied, and so must walk my way,
Bearing the liar's curse upon my head;
Letting my weak and sickly heart be fed
On food which does the present craving stay,
But may be clean-denied me e'en today,
And though 'twere certain, yet were ought but bread;
Letting--for so they say, it seems, I said,
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And I am all too weak to disobey!
Therefore for me sweet Nature's scenes reveal not
Their charm; sweet Music greets me and I feel not;
Sweet eyes pa** off me uninspired; yea, more,
The golden tide of opportunity
Flows wafting-in friendships and better,--I
Unseeing, listless, pace along the shore.

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