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Arthur Enders - You Ain't No Saint lyrics

[Verse 1]
When I met you we were young
And like gasoline to matches
Waking up drunk
Sleeping through your early cla**es
I grew up and grew dull
And you say you wished I hadn't
Well I'm drunk again
And you're guilty like you're Irish catholic

But you ain't no saint
I ain't one either
Guess that's why I'm lying here
Cause I know
That I'm banged up
I got bruises I can't place
Oh I've been coughing out blood

I've got a gut full of ulcers
They're gonna burn out like dead stars
Turn to dust

[Verse 2]
If you're coming here alone
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Then there's nowhere else to go
So when I walk in man they know I'm alone
Dig your anchors in my bones
Keep your breathing soft and slow
It's freezing, I made a blanket from my coat



[Verse 3]
It gets freezing here after dark
So I'm searching the car for my dad's old
Bills hat, pa**ed down in 93
It never got far from me
He moved to the island from upstate
And he'd spend Sunday
Watching the game with me
Explaining everything
We'd watch Jim Kelly lead the way

And if my dad was here I wonder what he'd say
If my dad was here I wonder if he'd even recognize me
I'm f**ing begging


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