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Arthur Enders - The Thunderbird Inn lyrics

People are starting to tear down their Christmas lights
It never got cold here but they know that the season's died
And I've been sleeping in a motel off 95
I don't really mind it much
The clerk at the desk is nice
Well, he pours me a coffee and asks me if it's been a long night

Well, I found a bar that's just outside the township line
And I go there most every night
I drank my last paycheck dry and outside, a homeless man asks me for change
And I, I look him straight in his eyes
He starts to apologize
Tells me God's got a plan for me and that it'll be alright
Didn't know that I looked that pathetic
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The owner's been giving me a break on my rent this week
He says that I'm good for it
Well, I joke how I'm probably
But I came up short again and nobody's laughing
So I'll sneak out at 2 am
I can't do it honestly
Well, I know I'm a coward and I feel a bad night coming
Didn't know that I looked that pathetic

So pour me another drink for a daughter I'll never meet
A wife who don't love me and a cold cup of coffee
So pour me another drink and I'll count my blessings
Got a half tank of gas left and this bottle ain't empty

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