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Arthur Enders - St. Joe Keeps Us Safe lyrics

I got sick of the silence
I got tired of the dark
I was sleeping in late, I was wasting away, I was dying in small parts
So I lit up a smoke and
Took a walk through the park
The dead leaves scrape concrete making it sound like you're next to me, arm in arm
I was putting holes in the drywall
I was hoping you'd save me from me

I'm gonna go see my mother
Take the LIRR
Walk the cold Brooklyn streets towards Astoria, Queens
Out to West Babylon
I walked up the driveway
Saw my Daddy's old car
He's been gone for months but we covered it up. It still sits in the yard

Well I spent my whole life saying I'd never need no one
But I think I might need you
I think I might need you. I think I might need you

We sat in the kitchen
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My mother's a soldier of god
And so paintings of Jesus
And statues of saints still adorn all the halls
But we'll never go hungry
Thanks to the infant of Prague
And St. Joe keeps us safe cause we buried him deep in a hole in the backyard
I know things ain't been good since dad died
I know you don't need this from me

But mama, I'm breaking
There's no light in the dark
Dianne left this week. She said, "Son, look at me. I know we ain't been this low before
And I'm sorry Aaron
I know this year has been hard
If you're hurt then I'm hurt
I won't make it worse. I'm always in your corner."


Something's wrong
I been waiting here too long
She said, "I knew something was wrong. You ain't called here in too long
Take the car and run. Take the car and run. Take the car and run."

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