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Arthur Enders - Runnin' Scared lyrics

I'm stuck on a memory of you dancing
In a backyard in North Jersey
You're holding sparklers and silhouetted
By the porch lights on a summer evening
So while I'm pulling my gloves off with my teeth
It occurred to me you used to be happy

I curse the dashboard heat
It's f**ing freezing
Asleep in the backseat, oh, god, I'm shaking
I'm empty. I feel so damn empty

Well, I keep thinking that I'll feel better
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When it's warmer across state lines
Now I'm scraping ice off of the windshield
With a piece of broken taillight
And oh, I wouldn't quite call it homesick
But I keep seeing your face in the northbound traffic


Well, I'm gonna go to Georgia
I'm gonna smile in the sun
I'm gonna pick you some wild day-lilies and I'm gonna hold on to ‘em
I'm gonna keep ‘em in my pocket 'til you let me back home
Oh, I'm gonna go to Georgia and I'm coming back whole

[Chorus] x2

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