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Armageddon is a side project helmed by Swedish guitarist Christopher Amott in his spare time from Arch Enemy -- the band he runs with brother Michael (of Carca** fame). Like Arch Enemy, Armageddon performs speedy, thrash-based heavy metal, informed by modern d**h and black metal undercurrents. Their first album, 1997's Crossing the Rubicon, also featured vocalist Jonas Nyren, ba**ist Martin Bengtsson, and drummer Peter Wildoer. The last two were briefly involved with Arch Enemy as well (playing on 1998's Stigmata), and it was no surprise when Amott borrowed AE's Daniel Erlandsson to drum on Armageddon's belated sophomore effort, Embrace the Mystery, in 2000. The album also featured Last Tribe members Rickard Bengtsson (vocals) and Dick Lowgren (ba**), but both of them were gone by the time of 2002's simply named Three, which found Amott taking over vocal responsibilities and yet another new ba**ist in Tobias Gustafsson (of Eucharist). ~ Ed Rivadavia, All Music Guide

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