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Arkanen - The Unpure lyrics

I see your life, I see no remorse
there is no hope
The time arrived, and your pure heart
has gone forever
Empty your path will be, malevolent root
the damage takes charge of your life.
In the escape far away so deep inside
if your heart could never tell the truth
Stills there.

The chains are gone, the dreams are gone
you keep the fear
the fantasies get hold on your mind
burying the truth
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Personal self-consciousness
it doesn't let you be
you need another reason to live.
Wars continue in the path I have cross battles
I gave, to leave it behind, to offer the best
But no sign of breathing, it's hard to find it at the end of the way.

When all your time has disappeared, to handle with this your soul is weak
In the escape far away so deep inside was
your heart and your truth was in there
if your soul has turned too weak, the
Unpure has taken you (in perdition)
closing your mind and your conscious forever.

The arrival of the end!!!

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