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Arkanen - Sentence Divine lyrics

The sky is waiting me to cross the clouds of darkness
those hateful dreams are the fear in your eyes
I'm not afraid to walk in this burning ground
this earth of tyranny and sin I am pissing on.

Just let the imagination visualizes you
just let the inspiration delivers you
to see deeper beyond that eyes
to see equal as you.

Near a long travel to the unknown
I get lost in the shining of the past
Soon my memories turn into tragedy,
pray for the upcoming,
you will supplicate deep in your mind straight to the heart.
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I will never look back again
scars of time, steps to light
Destiny was sentenced by us
into this dark mysterious time.

The confusion is getting stronger
all we saw is far behind.
The sky has waited us, to reborn again
this chance to be another day, the price I pay
Sentence Divine!
Now I can notice, from here
I feel myself like a bastard son of grief.

I always notice your false charity
fake sensation of everlasting pleasure Divine!

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