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Arkanen - Rave In Illusion lyrics

Your insight makes you understand
this around faster in a pa**ive way
inside you this obscure reminiscence
is taking you to...
A whisper, the Silent
Shelter in your ears
Are you losing the signs of control?

This perpetual chain of never-ending misery
it drags you to a mechanical life again
This coward merger of fantasies
and doubts will keep you trapped.

(The insecurity, the hope will keep us trapped in
our own doubts, the fear we have to do the wrong
is the prison where this unfolds)
Despicable regret rots your soul
trapping you in this never-ending fall
illogical thoughts came to your head.
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Another fake inhalation, trapped in a world
where the disease are unrolled, escape of this own.
The emptiness rots your soul
broken, twisted, confused
your god has told you once
you're losing your control.
Divine dreams rots your soul
prisoner in this never-ending fall
Now tell me about the fear you have
and the ones you want to save.

Rave in illusion
hope is no solution.

Is the fear we have to do wrong?
A mental shield unleash the weakness of your mind
Path of unreal solutions everything you have
from this moment on is your hope.

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