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Arkanen - Hunting The Trail Of Destiny lyrics

Darkness still remains crawling inside of you
eating your heart because you know the truth
You look at the horizon before the night falls
and questioned why it it has to be this way.

The sun rises and you have to deal
with this again no more pain.

I don't remember when I was born
but the trail was already written for me
I have tried to hunt the time
but this war is distant to me.
Decisions change your life
as the life can change your faith
as you leave this legacy
into destiny.

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As I see the eternity in front of me
as i see the time pa**ing by
victims from our own decisions
sentenced by our own destiny.

Trapped inside time, beats of pain and sorrow
memories of remembered illusions
I can feel the moment getting closer
turning into more than disaster
as I see tears run faster.

In this fight against my time, the future I want to see
but the past is hunting me.

I've pa**ed through everything to change the time
but nothing changed only my mind
Something out there is hunting me
but I've finally changed my destiny.

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