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Arkane Beats - The Main Ingredient lyrics

[Verse 1]

Let me start this verse by saying this is unrehearsed
Brilliance, feel this real sh**, watch youngin' work
With no digital scale to view the brother's worth
I gotta show I'm dope through audio, now you all should know
Listen to the plight of the new age writer
Who could meet a b**h, teach ya kids and still shake dice up
Just to show I'm human, my soul glow in the music
Like Jheri curls in that era, my sh** way better
Who checks for whatever these clowns sayin?
I'm now racin' with the world itself, it beats me - groundbreaking
I work long nights just to write
A piece that makes you want to reevaluate life
Get the mix from Ark, he cuts it down precise
Upload for ya'll, come take genius advice
Tradin' places with me sound easy until you do
Not only in my daily but my music

[Refrain 1]

Because when the mic's right there and temptation's near
You could anything to upgrade your career
You speak a revolution to the kids, make a difference
Or could one hit wonder with the label, share the difference
On funds, young son, lemme tell ya'll something
You could speak profound, and still make an income
Stay focused, do you and the paper's gonna come regardless
Just remain yourself as an artist
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[Verse 2]

Ok, ok, ok, Peep this, ya'll talk ya'll weak sh**
Ya'll songs all decent, mine's all star weekend
On the blog sites, ya'll all appalled, I'm being
Chris Byrd with the words, here southpaw swinging
It's funny I arrived from the Midwest side
Where the cop's will get called but they never arrive
So when I'm sitting in the boutique, trying to cop new sneaks
And ya'll don't cop, I am never surprised
I used to sit up in the basement, dirty shoes on some cool sh**
I'm banging College Dropout, Mos Def, and the Blueprint
Young n***a a nuisance, Pop asked, "when you gonna blow off of this music?"
Said, "don't stress, I'ma do it"
Just need a street team that can go in, little promotion
Little money for merchandise, little money for clothing
And I'ma get 'em open on everything that I own
Till the little kid's in front of the throne

[Refrain 2]

Because I've done waited my turn, now I won't back down
People I look up to, I'm where they at now
Got my feet on the ground, and my head to the sky
I'ma jump off the ledge, now watch me fly-y-y
I know, got a long way to go
In this ocean out here, I'm just standing afloat
And I believed when nobody else believed in it
Sitting at the table becoming The Main Ingredient

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