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Arkane Beats - Khimera Records Ain't Nothin' to F With lyrics

[Erik Barnum]
Khimera records ain't nothing to fuck with (3x)
Just the sound
I think I hear the heart beat....
Its bout to pound
We wreck it every second when we drop in on the record this shit right here....

(Monty C Benjamin)

[Verse 1: Erik Barnum]
I do it for the dream of the samurai raps
Thats choppin up my cream with my city on my back
Million dollar team that can't even count a rack
We too busy putting Cincinnati on the map
#YOUNGCINCINNATI I said motherfuck a grammy
I want underground gold records since my momma had me
Thats bringing it back, to why do I rap
To why do I gut up and cut up a track
With samurai blades I got to attack
For real hip hop jack
Since I got it I got it I'm feeling pilot
With motherfucking bounce like I've been humping hydraulics
Thats got me so high off the shit that I'm blazin
My melon split in half, half man (half amazing)
Half of me is sane, other half (still ragin)
Future so bright that I gotta bring my shades in
Got this hight from the Wings where my J's been
Khimera is a beast that can never be caged in
(Motherfucker bring the ruckus)
Everytime I finger fuck it
You would think I own cows way them chicken heads be cluckin
They try and stop the shine, too funny, yall Frasiers
I could kill a Dragon with toothpicks and razors
I been running round like Hip Hop: The Savior
222 been the illest rhyme sayer

[Verse 2: Monty C. Benjamin]
And I been killing it
Since MJ 96'
Assisted by toni Kukoc
Good lord with the new flow
Dipped off with a new ho
Doing it like its no tomorrow
Gaming entertaining her sex pistols like Laura croft
Got a drive like a stolen car
Cuz the rhyming bizarre like the renegade eminem

[Erik Barnum]

[Monty C. Benjamin]
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Ok then
From locally known to on every station
Hats off Kung Lao
That boy shocked young raiden
I promise I ain't playing
You really think you an artist I'm erasing
All of y'all
Draw the line when you hating


[Monty C. Benjamin]
The industry fucked
It's really because
I did for the love
And not the bucks
And made a buzz huh!
Giving that real hip hop
To ya trunk huh
Fuck yo crew we rush threw like drug bust
Blow ya mind like C-4 on a new era
Snap back fit before adjusting the shit
In public and shit-
No debating they loving it this
The type of dope so damn tempting David Ruffin would sniff

[Verse 3: ProFound]

Check my flava, knife edge razor
Sharper than Vega or a Black Belt kata
Wow, mad versatile (ow)
No more tiger, only Khimera - (Style)
Owww, comin' for ya head bitch
Miles away, bullets flyin' from the end of red tips
Flip minds like you - (In Saw movies doe)
Flip minds like you - (In our studio)
Word, yo Erik pass the herb
I don't really smoke, though my mind's absurd
Ya heard, real rappers like this never
Like flap jacks nigga when I flip this (CLEVER!)
Killin' emcees like Cain did Abel
Turntables to turn tables? You niggas ain't able
Put every rapper nuts first in a body bag
After I bang them shits, on the dresser with a spike bat!
(BLAT BLAT!) pin ya girl to the (MAT MAT!)
And she ain't even mad
Cuz we rough, tough like elephant tusk
And you to ladies like elephant musk, whoa
That must suck, for you and ya peanuts
Cuz "No one's ready to deal with us"- BEATNUTS!

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