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Arkane Beats - Key To Happiness lyrics

[Verse 1: Monty C. Benjamin]

I wrote this verse while dead
Broke in the lab

Didn't have money
For any fast food or a cab
I stayed focused
But soon as the day approach would I crash
Wake up in the afternoon
Then wait for night to come back

Telling all of my homies
When all of this in the past
And all of Us getting cash
I promise you Imma Laugh

Fighting the cold weather
With jackets I found from thrift shopping
Not cuz it's cool
It's because I ain't got
Legit options

Imagine making music that get
You out the hood where the bucks-is
But without a bud-get
It won't ammount to noth-ing
And We playing it off

Like get it in the right hands
No more days at the job

But we still doing this 40 hour shift
Of straight torture
Retail,the a**embly line we take orders

The lil hope that we inside
Knowing we gone be rich
Be the drive that we need
The key to our happiness
For real

[Voice:Monty C. Benjamin]
"It's crazy cause that's all we had to go off of like we made a whole label off of just,off of just believing that we we're gonna be who we we're supposed to be so we started to get booked for shows next thing you know we started opening up for people and it's like"

[Verse 2: Monty C. Benjamin]
I wrote this verse while I was backstage
We open up for so and so he walked
Past me
Asked for a picture man he might as well just spit in my face
Told me he ain't have time for that
Wasn't doing sh** but ok
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We hit the stage put our all in performances for the city
The crowd feeling our style
The main feature was sh**ty
He faded all on the stage
I swear this the part that gets me
He got paid 3000 we got paid 150

If that don't seem too pretty
It's bout to get more lethal
Imagine splitting that same 150 with 4 people

But f** it man this my fam
We gonna sell out shows one day
Soon you know as soon as we hit the road

A couple 100 spread word that
That we been on the verge to something great
And the love it and now
We got 500
Making our own label own rules when we spit

I hope I never forget that's my key to happiness
For Real

[Voice:Monty C. Benjamin]

"and it's crazy because after that's when it really started becoming a crescendo and blogs start posting and now we got more than we could of ever asked for you know like we at our finish line so it's like now sh**"

I wrote this verse next to bankroll
Counting it multiple times
Cuz I'm always thankful
Calling my main man up Arkane up
He prolly playing in the hair of some Asian with a body that's banging

I got the whip I always wanted
Feel like the man bro
Inside a delorean ride that sh** like a lambo

Call my secretary say all my appointments cancelled
I need some time off this life I live is an handful

My homeboy Erik just called my boy a trip
He wrote a book on the universe #1 seller sh**
Still a wild boy too last week he made a vid jumping out a private plane then sky dived to his crib

My homie profound cover GQ he the coolest
This like the 9th time he used to it

Still make this music they'll never ever forget we got it on lock now from the key of our happiness

[Record Hissing]

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