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Arkane Beats - Iron Flag lyrics

When you mix some old school flavor
With a style This major
Like Nas like Kanye
You'll graduate with the greats
Pa**ionate track smashing

I'm rapping to get in the break
XXL sh**
Hotter than secrets you go to hell with
(peep) the word former
Verbs ricochet on ya
See Andre The giant
Minimize em Vern troyer
Enjoy this drive that I got
From daytona 500
An do extra lap like nothing
(f** it)

Yo instinct on retreat white flagging
My instinct on heat seeking and Iraqin'
Live action packing
Like a golden eye agent
Having fun with the golden gun
Know I'm saying
One shot one k** n***a
I deal with ya (later)
You n***as couldn't tip my waiter

They'd put me in a box im appearing beyond greater
Call my bluff and mad he got two rings lebron hater

I'm the master of the rhyme scheme
Scheming on a dime thing
Thing that's on my mind
Themes thinking out the lines damn
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Young boy got hunger he can't fill
Need two Grammys to chill
The lottery and a deal
Now monty the man of steel
And still they couldn't play with me
Imagine what i sell if this the sh** I give away for free

I'm bombing on basically
Name a label A to Z
Artista to Zunior I'm the future

Defying impossible when this brother Rhyme
Could fix a rubrix cube minutes if I was color blind

With the raps I snap back
Just like summer time
Steez like Bronson
Big action

Honest relaxin'
On tracks I'm pa**ing
Any and all challengers expecting nothing out of ya

Just mark it in the that the game changed

Doper than all of you artists hitting the same vein


All I need now is a bomb drop from flex and hear fab to yell nice when my rhymes stop


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