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Arkane Beats - Iron Flag lyrics

When you mix some old school flavor
With a style This major
Like Nas like Kanye
You'll graduate with the greats
Passionate track smashing

I'm rapping to get in the break
XXL shit
Hotter than secrets you go to hell with
(peep) the word former
Verbs ricochet on ya
See Andre The giant
Minimize em Vern troyer
Enjoy this drive that I got
From daytona 500
An do extra lap like nothing
(fuck it)

Yo instinct on retreat white flagging
My instinct on heat seeking and Iraqin'
Live action packing
Like a golden eye agent
Having fun with the golden gun
Know I'm saying
One shot one kill nigga
I deal with ya (later)
You niggas couldn't tip my waiter

They'd put me in a box im appearing beyond greater
Call my bluff and mad he got two rings lebron hater

I'm the master of the rhyme scheme
Scheming on a dime thing
Thing that's on my mind
Themes thinking out the lines damn
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Young boy got hunger he can't fill
Need two Grammys to chill
The lottery and a deal
Now monty the man of steel
And still they couldn't play with me
Imagine what i sell if this the shit I give away for free

I'm bombing on basically
Name a label A to Z
Artista to Zunior I'm the future

Defying impossible when this brother Rhyme
Could fix a rubrix cube minutes if I was color blind

With the raps I snap back
Just like summer time
Steez like Bronson
Big action

Honest relaxin'
On tracks I'm passing
Any and all challengers expecting nothing out of ya

Just mark it in the that the game changed

Doper than all of you artists hitting the same vein


All I need now is a bomb drop from flex and hear fab to yell nice when my rhymes stop


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