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Arkane Beats - In The Mean Time lyrics

[Vocal Sample Intro/Hook]

One day my soul is gonna be free
And when I die, I hope you remember me
But in the mean time...

[Verse 1: Monty C. Benjamin]

Imma be the greatest that you ever seen
Uh, I f**ing mean it (x2)
When they put me 6 feet deep
They gone say young MCB
No questions bout it man that boys a genius
Uh, make my Paul bearer jay hova yeah
Note that I put in over time
I had enough grind for 4 careers
Note the struggle
The preacher mumbled these words, he faded off open beers
Casket late to arrival
Cuz that's how I do, n***a yeah

When I'm gone

Make sure them b**hes be t**ng
To my new sh**, like
Back that azz up, praise this rapper
Cameras flashing and moving
They yell out WORLDSTAR!
No fight ain't even broke out
They just amazed
How i beat the odds and I still went out in this style

Go have a ball, and Pop ace of spades
And Pop a bad broad on a later date
Just waking in, Just look around
Everybody in this motherf**er wearing shades

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When I die I take the last hope with me
Matter fact I take some bad hoes with me

Tell them mothers church!!


[Verse 2: Monty C. Benjamin]

Tell em
Imma keep my foot on they neck!
And apply that pressure yessir, better call yo plumber collect
Better call yo preacher on 3-way
Cuz holy smokes Imma threat
With thoughts that's deeper than
Boutique lines with them new j's on deck
Oh Yes LAWD!!
Imma keep taking these leaps and these steps
For hip hop, feel like I got on a skip it
This sh** ridiculous
The irony in between
If they play your song after this sh**
Somehow they always just skip it
Forget it, and for the critics f** em all!!
Imma keep on making music they love
So when I'm gone, man i'm never gone
Just play this sh** and blaze up
Could you tell my kids I was on my sh**
Everyday tryna get that paper
Running off dreams and fumes
Just tell em I was the dude
They putting next to the greats
The goats, throne or a chair
But b**h Imma Capricorn so I was halfway there
Tell em yeah, young Benjamin that n***a indeed
In back of the wake they blazing up to weed
It's cool with me I tell em church!


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