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Arkane Beats - Foster Child Pt. 2 lyrics

Whoa whoa whoa
You see that sh**

(I got em)

Verse:(it started out a normal night in the hood)
It was dead on the scene
Headphones starter jacket
Girbaud jeans

I seen a n***a in that old school
Cutla** cla**ic
Pull up he flashin
And thinking he that sh**
My n***a Corey start to get that look on his face
That's either
Scheming on p**y or juks for cake
I said im bout to hit the crib
It's gettin late my fam
He didn't dap my hand
Cause he was making a plan

Remember that one story
Bout a kid named Cory dark mind
In the broad day with the 40
(You knew the rest)
He got a lil older now he vexed with the world on his shoulder
So he brought me over
I put my headphones up heart
Racing cuz he was serious
Know If i told him that I wasn't down he wasn't hearing it

Had loaded gun
Then he pa**ed me one
Hopped inside the stolen car the man hunt begun

He said.we catch em at a red light
Run up
Pull tools on em
That's a got motherf**er

I'm thinking how I get into this
I'm just project pre teen
Drunk off innocence

But thrilled from the street lights
In love with the trife
But that's close as Imma get
I ain't bout that life

But regardless how I felt I'm still in a car
Settin off on Westwood north blvd

We pull up to mchenry

We see this alchoholic
Ask em did he see the old school
He told us he just saw it
We circle around the block Tryna this n***a slipping
Cuz if he peep its a robbery he gone rev up the engine

Don't see Cory tripping
Ihe zoning real dude
He pop an extasy and start swearing like that sh** still cool

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Seen the car we ain't in suspense now
The messed up part
It's parked at Cory b**h house
Oh sh** now

At first we needed his ride
But since he f**ing kiara
Man Cory now want his life
We gonna need Paul bearers
And slow singers whatever

Then Cory pulled out the heckler
Approaching the bedroom
And when I tell you the pressure
Is building some r.kelly is playing
We rushed together thru the door
Cory said "get the f** on the floor"

Throw a shot to the ceiling they both screaming together
He looked at her and he said "I should of known this was a set up"

Kiara keep on screaming
Don't know if she mad was cuz her a** was caught cheating or the robbery proceeding
For me this is the deep end
This sh** is not a movie
I'm an accessory to a murder if Cory shoot em
But if he don't shoot I'm right hand with a hostage
WTF am I doing in danger regardless

I gotta talk homie out of this
Saying "homie let's break he ain't got no money and his chain fake anyway"

Cory said "f** that man this n***a thinking rich!?! In this old school whip and he Tryna f** my b**h!?!"

Told him "damn homie I get it but jail time for some dame is insane man come on what would ya mom think?"

His mind went blank
He went back to the moment
When he could of k**ed a n***a
But something kept him from going
Down the wrong path

Then he lowered his gun
Waked out her home
When I had started to run
I sped home fast
Barley getting air out my lungs
Callin my bro at
Damn near a quarter to 1

Told him I saw a face off
Gun and a stolen whip
Near bullet in the head some john woo sh**

Guess it sounded too cool
Said "yeah right n***a you ain't bust a jack move with the k**ers"

I Hung the phone
On the edge of my bed
Starting reacting
To how this sh** could of ended up if I didn't take action

I'm glad that I did
sh** I'm just glad I'm sitting back
In the crib better reason to live
My n***a Cory one loco Son of a b**h
This one night in Harrison I'll never forget ya dig

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