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Arkane Beats - FIRST lyrics

[Intro: Cashmere James]
(Cough) Look Here Uh

[Hook: Monty C. Benjamin]

1st things first
Cashmere stay k**in'
Second thing dawg
I'm not Amer-ican

Style so dope
Like pimp canes
Lifting on hoes

Yellin' bout doe
Homer j. simpson

[Verse 1: Monty C. Benjamin]

Talking my business
Start I end it
Awe I just might
White chalk all my victims

My mind so star lit
I glimmer
Within the darkest days
Like shades of my winter

Call it
What ya wanna
High horse
Conceited big headed
For-get it
Just know I mean it

The Realest thing
That you ever seen
A thesis
To what I'm thinking
I'm the truth
Abe lincolin
Awe Man

I got a million reasons
Why girls that's even strippers
See the god
And believe it

Maybe cuz how I bless the track
And do like I do
Ok now I won't do a million
Maybe I'll give you a few

[Hook: Monty C. Benjamin]

Ok 1st things first
Cashmere official
2 bad things
Tryna blow on whistle

I walk outside
My vehicle
To rose pedals
Girls washing my windows

[Verse 2: Monty C. Benjamin]

Oh I'm ice cicle
Cold I might get you
Wrapped up in pneumonia
Just off my aroma

[Lyrics from: https:/]
Giving you uncut
From the gut
Just like smoker
Or people that's born
And raised as a Samoan

Bless you with the dopeness
Yes you can hold it
But are your arms strong
Enough to hold it

Oh sh** I'm explosive
Like dre in the moment
2001 & chronic my ceratone
(I'm gone)

You know
You wanna roll with the coldest
Thing since rick James
The veins nearly frozen

Preaching my game
To dames and I'm hoping
Even close mined girls get open

[Hook: Monty C. Benjamin]
Now 1st things 1st
Cashmere that n***a
Dude to cool
Check blue like sigma
All I drank is see through liquor
Some body please watch my liver

[Verse3: Monty C. Benjamin]

Odd I might switch up
Bars I deliver
And if I gotta be
Like y'all I give up

Strong as my pick up
Line to Rhianna
Trying to find sisters
Dying to bi wit her

If you don't like
Me neither

Sly young man
This mink a long reacher

Awe they called PETA
Panning my speakers
Can yall not look when I hook my divas?

Young man made that plan
Y'all see us
All been irie at the end

This ain't right
That left field leader
Done came through
And he grew
Cha chia


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