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Arkaik - Face Of Regression lyrics

The structure of your intellect, defective in its conduct*
Lessen yourself become inhumane you know nothing further
I wouldn't ask you to utilize your senses, this feeble substance of the earth
That can be traced back for ages
A diminutive existent creature, never to prosper, never to gain
Never enlightenment, you will only descend
A facet of the mind that you cannot detain
A system of nothingness, more formless you become
Degeneration of this race, few are left who grasp this understanding
And you will merely descend

Are you the face of regression we fear?
An infection
Human disintegration strayed from the path, becoming nothing
But the weak vessel that destroys, this farce of intellect has grown sour
What is to become of such deformed allocations?
The bleak consequences from years of neglect
Shall shatter the image of mortality and cover the path
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Of this devolution to come
The progenies of distorted perceptions will eat themselves alive
The brood of idiocy will tear the flesh from reason and scar the face of a race
Seconds from collapse
Entangled impressions of acceptance carving away at a race
Treading amongst disgracefully
Awaken from the hate sphere and await the lucid dawn
Those who blindly kneel to fictional Armageddons
Seek to achieve nothing with such pa**ive actions
Only creating a charade of apocalyptic travesties
The gift of free will was given but stays unutilized
By the dogmatic monarchs to ever suit their needs
For they thrive on the fear of total annihilation
If a transformation is to come we must force it into realization
Disconnect from the deception, deconstruct the complication

[Repeat Chorus:]
Are you the face of regression?
(then everyone) Regression

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