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Arkaik - Elemental Synthesis lyrics

Sway with visions stabbing the eyes of lucid acceptance*
Flowing omniscience, disguised in catatonic escalated rapture
A needle-work mosaic of the bones that penetrated inward
Withered and torn figments of vertebrate kingdoms
Left to stand as pigment arching thrones, forgotten in skin soaked reveries
As the flesh draped over serrated frames
Shatter forth cerebral beacons that languish in catatonic pupil dilations
There is no disguise that time allows We are all integrated as conductors as well as the machine

And when the flame of our conduit burns down
We will sink into infinity as its tide beckons us onward
Dig in to the patterns of the soil majestic rays of light spiral upon the lush empires
Branching within the depths of this gacien temple
Vast in the reach as its grip holds tight, life forces un-bounding
Swell within the flow of tides, Immense topography that blankets the earth
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Its movement controlled by the earthy satellite
That orbits and perpetuates the elements
At their core they are united by the threads of their binding fabric
At our core we are one
Gradual infinity eludes the boundaries of continuity
Overlapping in boundless pestilence, Careening through the infinite sea of atoms
Energies moving though out the cosmos, replicating universal patterns
Reflecting creation upon itself
This existential paradox that floods this universe
Grasp the hand of this mage as it leads you to the purest essence of all things
The flesh, the elements, the cosmos, At the core they are united with all things as they pulsate their power
Shatter forth cerebral beacons that languish in catatonic pupil dialations
There is no disguise that time allows
For we are bound to all things in life then united in eternal d**h


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