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Arkaic - Arkaic vs Sensa (Round One) lyrics

Yo, so he hit me up, I was like is this happening or something?
When the battle was announced I actually was buzzing
Then I turn up in the venue and this motherf**er's got his arm in a cast
I thought I was battling Canibus or something
Now, were you trying to make the crowd go 'Arghhh let's get live London'
Were you trying to warm the crowd up?
I don't understand why you were doing it, this f**ing venue's boiling
They're all scorching now bruv
Yo, I work at Next, we sell fleeces in the Winter
And we sell f**ing straw hats in Summer
When he was supposedly gringing in Norwich, living the life of a gangster brother
The reality is that you were serving dishes and cleaning toilets in Wagamama's
Now I've been waiting to get in your face and call you a mug you prick
'Cos Steph was told strictly no shagging the rappers, not even allowing no s**ing dick
But that f**ing b**h went behind Eurgh's back, started dating you but the funny bit
Is that you stayed with her on some hubby sh**
Knowing what a deceitful lying slut she is
Now when he got out of prison he said it ain't that bad, brother
sh**'s alright, we got a PS3 and everything
Even a mince pie on Christmas night
He said he had J. Cole to listen to
And the church gave him big advice
Well how about you stop being a piece of sh**, and retain your freedom to live your life
He said he saw prison as inspiration for jotting in his verse
After living a life of drug dealers, shotting whiz and worse
Your mum cried down the phone to me, honestly she hurt
Cos your stepdad was shouting in the background: 'f** that little bastard, he got what he deserved'
See prison was like a card, 'cos you wrote inside
And I guess being a rapper writing bars is something that can push you through
Prison bars are eventually what you made music with
But they're also all your mother can see whenever she takes a look at you
Now I bet your bird ruins it when you try to get pa**ionate mate
You go to give her a kiss, she does a 'BRAP' in your face
She ain't brushing her hair, she's brushing up on battles she rates
I bet when you have her round and think about dick-slapping her waist
She brings a six pack and some haze and sits back for the blaze
And you think 'Actually wait'
You put on a TV show that she thinks 'That isn't great'
And as you go to take her bra off and unhinge the thing that's attached to the lace
She picks up the TV remote as her bra pops and her tits fall to their natural place
You're thinking you're going to smash her, and as you go to embrace
She's lifted the TV remote behind your head, changed the channel from Dave
Then you hear the music as it is played
And it's a slap in the face
Because your battle rap tom-boy b**h don't wanna f**, she'd rather watch Match Of The Day
Now against Tony D, he said 'Sorry for being sh**, but freestyle battling is the area in which I have grown
But that's bullsh**, because your first written battle was only three months after mine you know
So in the early years, you were like your girl if I gave Steph an E
You would experience many highs and lows
You're like the programmers on Grand Theft Auto 5, cos you should have finished developing a long time ago
Now to whoever said this was a match
I hope you have a ventricle collapse
And Ark gets arrested for it but they can't sentence him for jack
So he's heading to your gaff
First stealing the chopper from a helicopter pad
Then he's gunna grab weapons from the bag
Step up in your face while the skeng is extended in his hand
And pull the trigger
Watch the bullet exit from the back
Blood spreading on your mat
You're dead within a snap
If you're wondering why the f** I'm mentioning this crap
I just created an adrenalin pumping scenario to demonstrate the fact you'll never
[?] energy is mad
But to for once give your character a little bit of my intensity it lacks
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Now because of your court case, there's an entire crew in Norwich that have adopted the holding the knife thing
That's why he moved to Leeds in the first place, 'cos he knows he'll get stabbed if they're roaming and find him
So when I saw you brag to Illmac, saying you can't get to into his country
I found it oh-so surprising, because yeah you can't get into Illmac's country, but you can't even get into the city you spent most of your life in

Are we ready for this yeah?
Aite listen to me
I'll eat him for breakfast with a bit of toast and a coffee
I'm staying at Hotel His House with his b**h giving me blows in the lobby
There ain't no point in trying, 'cos no one can stop me
You'll be on the phone to the Bobbies after I've broken every bone in your body
See they made this a main event, and they promoted it properly
Even though it's a silencer on a sawn-off, no Tone on the Shotty
So unfortunately Tony didn't get to battle Shots
So Eurgh rings me up like 'This event we had has flopped'
I was like 'What about me versus Sensa?'
He said 'Yeah, that will pop'
So imagine the fire, Ministry Of Sound, Arkaic vs Sensa at the top
I'm selling it on the phone, like 'Yo, we can write this together if you want'
And then as soon as the flyer dropped I loved it, great design
I ring Sensa back like 'f** it, I changed my mind'
So you can act like you're tough and diesel
And spit like you clutch the Eagle
But you ain't nothing but Disaster's rubbish sequel
He wanted to write together, so our stuff was equal
And pre-write rebuttals like a little f**ing weasel
But listen, they'll spot that from a mile away like Mumps and Measels
And besides, the only time me and Sensa write together is when he's battling other people
Oi, so he's walking round like he's the king of the cartel
And I agree with you bruv, there's some things that we can't tell
But if you lot for a second think that he didn't need Ark's help
Then after I run through Sensa, it should ring some alarm bells
Bruv, I will knock that bullsh** out of the park
If you want my help mate, then all you have to is ask
I told you, I would never call you out on the bars
But even Eurgh writes sh** for you, me and him talk about it and laugh
Anyone that knows Ark will tell them I go hard
We don't make excuses over here, cuz
I'll throw darts with this broke arm
I'll roll past in a golf cart
Just to tell this little birdie he's below par
I'm feeding off the sun's energy, solar
See this actor, his has gotten old fast, Bogart
I know it might sound a little faux pas
But that battle with Soul Khan got you so far
Which is f**ing stupid, cos you barely even used your own bars
Oi it's looking bleak for you bruv, and I'm a motherf**ing arsonist
Before your battle with Dialect, I bumped into him in Leeds
And you made me feel like a heartless prick, he said 'Blud, I'm battling Sensa, I don't know what kind of bars he'll spit'
I said 'I do bruv, 'cos I f**ing wrote half of it'
So listen, so it might sound like a hyperbole
But It's been like three months since he's heard from me
And it's like Skype, Skype, Skype, Ark I need a verse or three
Oi that's why he calls me 999, 'cos he gets fed lines in an emergency
So now you've got to do this on your own Sensa, no pressure
I come with a flow for the tone-setter and a coat for the cold weather
I'm two hundred miles away from him
On the phone telling him how his sh** could be wrote better
So while he's sat up on the coach I'm telling him what channel go down - I'm a remote Sensa
So you can jump up on this boat or get left stranded
And what's funny is I gave him all these blueprints and he got caught red-handed
I will expose this faggot's type, I told you
I ain't gunna go through your battles like that was mine, that was mine, that was mine
You know why? Cos we don't have all night

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