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Arizing - Not Photon lyrics

The force of both the suns
The planet speaks and turns us to one
It is done

Is it that hard to be

The trees fall down
The walls cave in
The truth comes out
My child don't sin again

We're breathing from anatomy

Not photon
Don't slow down
Don't slow down kid
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Saturn sends her troops
Sire, they'll be upon us soon
To the moon

We'll plan our solar system fine
The foundation will never die
I'm waiting for it to align
But it's a fine line you draw
The chosen one just now was born
The sift of space was never torn
The universe will be reformed
But it's a fine line you draw

We are free to explore the galaxy
We're gonna see all there is to see

You wanted to go back, we're never coming back
I never want to see that place again
The chosen one will bring this to an end

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