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Aristeia - Troglodyte lyrics

Why do you control me, Insanity!
I accept those who choose any way to die.
Mutilated ages spot out stars of light
Like times without shadows
One must never leave this form
The execration of the poor lies, leave them all paralyzed
With the thought of experimenting on so many
Between the cracks you all smother
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You pull me to expectorate knowing you lost the true meaning of feeling
Now you've lost the roots, tyranny for the desired one
Many species will try to incorporate
To live alone one must be an animal of a god [2x]
Take him down for decimation, to face the truth
What we think we understand, where we came from
What we think we're doing, the more you begin to see we've been lied to
What makes you think that the religious institution is the only one that has never been touched
Let my pa**ions endure but let my name be forsaken in different tongues

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