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Aristeia - Chapters lyrics

Wake up from the fantasy that you've been living. No one to carry you while you're down, rise from the ashes of humiliation and make a name for yourself, face the predicaments life hands to you, prove that you're not one of the enervated. Be the very few who don't take
orders but lead. Enhance their minds with structures of beyond their imagination, imagination! The day of reckoning is upon us, the time for action is now, release the flames that built up in you. I can see the ambition burn inside, use it to drive yourself further and
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reach your highest potential. You'll be one of the few who witness the dawn of a new ear where most of the human race lies in ashes along with the rest of the planet. Rest a**ured the past won't repeat itself, the choices you make will reflect upon you. It's on you to
decide what to do with yourself. As we all stand together as one we'll look down onto the horizon and watch the rest of humanity, perish.

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