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Arise - No Memory of Light lyrics

Unpleasant touch
Tear out my eyes
Dead awakening
Bloodred mourning
A sense of guilt
Turned upside down
I found myself messed up again
Searching fоr an alibi but the memory is black
There is no return

In search por something to forget and leave
The story goes on and on
Total eclipse that's all I can see
I just can't tell you why

Still there is no memory of light
And still there is no memory of light

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A deadly touch
The feeling gets so strong
Shut of the light
I will not return

No memory
No regrets at all
I will not return
The past is gone

I close the door
Never more
Can this go on like this?
Drowned into darkness I am gone

Rare is the moment now
Primitive mind
Rage through fear
What has been done?

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