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Aris P - Astro No Me lyrics

[Verse 1: brandUn DeShay]
BrandUn DeShay
Aris P!
I spent my days in
And my nights out, I'm a night out owl so I'm stargazing
Shooting for the stars like it was the latest craze
And always hitting the moon, my aim's high, it's blatant
Show me to the stage so I can show the crowd greatness
And n***as see a star and get to jumping like they weightless
Show what the real baller is, then maybe they'll see these guys like the moon
They only look like they made of cheese
They take the black coal out
'Cause they make it in the game, but the thing is that they album never come out
I got the sun's hunger, my shine lasts longer, don't look me in the eye
'Cause you might go blind when you shine like I
Can easily be mistaken
For a North Star, they follow me either way, then
Not a cosmo, not obviously 'cause I'm not a fan of all of the voids
I'm young, just an...

[Chorus (4x): Sample]
Astro boy, I'm watching the proles on parade

[Verse 2: Aris P!]
We all waiting for our rise to the top, and we seem so patient
[Lyrics from: https:/]
But I don't got the patience
I thank God for that great gift
You're waiting for the face lift? Late for my spaceship
Face it, a failure, I was never that
What goes up must come down, if I [?] expect me back
(There will be [?]) I expected that
Act like my ship's made of porcelain, didn't expect a crack
But still want to help the world, it's hard and done that hurt than help
Imagine my dreams, never mind, you might hurt yourself
Or work the health into a genre that's so sickly with music
I'm so icky, so picky
Strictly showing you proof for why people are prone to be mad at me
Okay, you're a star, but what's a star to a galaxy?
I may be broken down, but never destroyed
Nothing in this life as I'll reach for the...

[Chorus (4x): Sample]

[Bridge: brandUn DeShay]
Astro boy
Astro boy
Astro boy

[Chorus (8x): Sample]

Astro boy...

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