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Archivist - Hades lyrics

Labyrinthine standing stone
Contralto tones now tedious
Below some tireless engine groans
Digestive echoes endlessly

Its just him and me
Two self styled mutes alone
Stomachs do the talking
The vacuum dwells within

In fusion whispers he asks of me
What did we gain from shortest breath?
The narrow sight of gain
It holds the deepest loss

He walks beside me skeletal
The charon to my river Styx
Hadean corridors
Walk ways grave with plastic scent

Great vistas of our mother blue
She cradles each and every wound
Each facet of her broken cheek
The laval well has wiped all trace
Cities blur in crippled piles
Bitumen slurries, asbestos rasps

The d**hly rattle choked
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We trail like comets aimless stead
The apple in our mothers eye
Umbilical has drained her dead
The milk from which we fed
Made pustules in her flesh

He asks me if I like the view
He holds me responsible for you
Look what you made me do
Let me crawl out of the seas

Let me bathe in coronal light
Coaxed the mammal out of me
Made me stand to know the periphery
And look beyond and see

Look what you made me do

Gave me a home to exorcise of life
Fashion blades out of make believe
See the viscera with serrated gods
Shirked thine neighbour and made enemy of

Gave me long term memory
So that I might misbehave
And never learn from my mistakes
And foul the ground upon where I tread

Look what you made me do

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