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Arcane Roots - Hell and High Water lyrics

Hell & High Water
You've seen the mind of a stranger
Must be you're running out of semaphore
So tell me
To see inside her manger
You see her nothing more than conical
Please help me
I can barely look away
Something inside your heart knows
This love is nothing more than chemical
Oh the danger
One dose I'd rather lose
Where go my angels tonight?
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Cos I'm fading
Where go my angels tonight?
Cos I'm waiting
Oh me, oh my the danger
It seems you're learning all your many forms
So you tell me
We've seen the day this night brings
Nothing will ever fill this other half
Where does it go, your love, tonight?
Is it better off?
It's better off
And where go my angels tonight?
Cos I'm waiting
We are livid souls

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