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April - Be Ok lyrics

Somedays we look around us
And see that everything is changing
We believe the people we can't trust
And forgive the ones who are faking

I know it takes time
To heal the wound and the pain
I'm sure, you will be alright
Cause you're the only one who's brave...

I know and you know
We have to run away
I'm down, so let's go
We will be ok
I know and you know
We have to run away
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If we stick together
We will be ok

We're in a battlefield, this world is made of steel
We're fighting every day, I wish' I could run away
If we get pulled apart, just hold my broken heart
We'll always find a way…

I'm gonna run away
To find me a hideaway
Under the sun rays
Are you comin' with me?

We could have it all
If we just lose it all
Down the waterfall
Are you comin' with me?

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