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Apollo stripes - Shower From The Gods II lyrics


Walk, Walk
Drip, Step
Splash, Wet
Splash, Wet


Oops, think i stepped in it
Bad day, sparked a cigarette, i regret that
Perry Ellis Trousers
Soaked to the brim
Shower from the Gods got me drippin

Holy rain, left stains
On my Hilfiger tee
Least i got it from the T-rift store, Ter-riffic
Or fantastic
Smoking hella weed, got me spastic
Hollup. Hollup


Walk, Walk
Drip, Step
Splash, Wet
Splash, Wet
Walk, Walk, Drip, Step


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Extra, Extra
Water ricocheting off the chain
Watch the pendant swimming underwater, necklace
Wet, Wet
Sub-aquatic, exotic, my steps
Left, Right, Left the right path, to the past
Solo marching straight
No marine, but they throwing shots in the subs
Too bad, Too bad, Too bad
I'm a phantom
Let it pa** through
What to do?
My translucence, put an end to the issue, no dispute

This my Blak Portrait
Black crew, we the panthers
Multi-racial set, we expanding
Super, we too super
You get what I'm saying

I feel like Broly the great

Dripping flare, solar beam-ing
My dentures gleaming

Juxtaposition, all this water on my skin
But I'm steaming
I'm hot, wet. I gave up the flex
But Olympus seems to think i'm coming for they neck, next
Maybe, maybe
How I


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