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Apollo stripes - AQUA SUCCUBUS lyrics

[Apollo Stripes]

I walk with a limp
Price on my head, cause the emperors daughter's a succubus
Taking the strength from my hips
Left her a tip on her tits
But it's back to the whip
Drive slow on a 4, on the 05'
f**. Swer-Swerve in a ditch
Look back
f** it they on me

My horse in the dirt
Hop out the vert
Okay its duel pistols, twin Glocks, twenty cops
Run up on a young black man
Least wait till i spark up my blunt


Bruh. Hurry up and spark that muhf**a'
Twelve is right there, you feel me n***a ? Like
If i'ma die, i'ma die high as f**

Pa** that sh**

[Apollo Stripes]

Zippo the flame
Glance at the Porsche
Glance at the torch
Glance at the soon to be pork

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Real quick reminisce about the kids i left in her jaw
Glock to the floor

Man its that stand, off like 1 or 3 xans
Damn back to the plan
I'll be damned if i hang from a branch in the south of the France
But sh**
Clutching my ribs
I took a fall, i'll admit it, i slipped in abyss

Stagger the road
Hazy the vision, that p**y was good i'm impressed
(Damn, Damn)
Heels to the pavement
I won't expire because of your pettiness
Envious roster
My whip Pentecostal, holy ghost at my departure
Wrist on Pica**o


Frankly, i'm getting sick of the games
Giving complaints, collect your sh**
Cause every-time we f** brings me close to d**h
I swear she a demon
I swear she a demon
Jump off the bridgeeeeee
Falling down, land in colorless waters

Damn i did it again
d**h can't catch me
Damn i did it again
Finessed the porkys $5.99
Finessed the pigs $5.99

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