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Apolitiq - Black Box lyrics

Face on a screen, what does it mean?
Can you see me, can you see me tonight?
I see the spies, lying spies
Spies, lying spies
Harsh truth, black eyes tap into us, through optic-line
Touch you with a hand, with a black-gloved hand
Distant this day, distant this day
You're ten thousand miles away
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I could have hoped for more than this
I could have dreamed to take your world in my hands
But that was never meant to be
Don't throw it all away, on another lie (harsh truth in any other light)
You couldn't feel this way, you'll never feel the way I feel tonight
So civilized, but underneath I'd k** them all
I'll realize, never is a long, long f**ing time
You'll realize, never is a long, long f**ing time
Exterminate all rational thought, that is the conclusion I have come to

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