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Apakalypse - Builderbergs lyrics

( [?] we built this whole sh** yo!)

[Hook x2]
We the builderbergs, the building masters
Reptilian body snatchers
The science and mathematics will fracture
All the lies that you manufacture

[Verse 1]
Masta Buildas symbology
How many colonies
Levels of the pyramid and olive leaves
Be on the dollar b
How many stripes on the flag
How many arrows held tight in the hand
With a 5 point star inside you hexagram
On the $2 bill - who's that 13th man?
Squared off with the door, looking original
Benjamin Banneker architect of our capital
Design the line with the Masonic rituals
The transit to venus, and the matrix holographical
Ben Franklin is Ben Banneker actual
Real talk, it's purely mathematical
Y'all fanatical, i ain't mad at you
I'm from America, ain't from Africa
Mound builders, [?]
Panama [?] land the master plan
The capstone on the pyramid [?]
n***as [?]
Within you [?] the phoenix the hidden secrets and the masons [?]
[?] on the dollar you peeped, and DC is a [?]
90,000 times more than our sun's density
The secret destiny of America has been a mystery
We basically set it up so you could be at liberty to live your life sovereignly
Everyone's nobility, a king or a queen
But you gave away your power with your irresponsibility

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2]
We were chased [?]
From [?] to Earth, by the hatred
Yo from Cydonia to Egypt the Lizard king who lorded over
The same reptilians, formed the new world order
I meditate between pyramids, saw the face of Mars
Saw the path satanic martian race lost his face with the gods
You never heard of the tomb of the visitor project
Isis's Alien sarcophagus found in the pyramids was enlightening
With Annunakis' arrival they bred with daughters of men
[Lyrics from: https:/]
Thousands of years ago crossbreed bloodlines began
They created Nephilim, and spread across the canvas
Half Annunaki half men they created ancient Atlantis
Half the Venus cataclysms they came from the Caucasus mountains
After the waters receded they proceeded with Martian knowledge
Started building in Iran, Turkey and Kurdistan
In the lowlands of Indus valley advanced civilization began
So f** the trifling Rothschild Crocodile
Y'all trying to k** the gods is f**ing futile

[Hook x2]

[Verse 3]
On a long ride to the other side of the Atlantic
Mental condition in shackles and platinum chains
State of emergency run in panic
Or stand your ground, hold your sh** down to fight
Man lives have been lost
Even more than the Jews in the holocaust
Genocide, black on black crimes
Racial profiling Willie Lynch turns in his grave smiling
Better off head-diving off the Sears tower
[?] Masta Buildas
We'll verbally teach you how to fight against the f**in' powers that be
In this wicked evil society
A cash crop Monopoly
Medical research for diseases with cures, that you don't get cured
Dying to pay your bills
Get your life insured
Assured failure from kings to thugs
Strung out on d**
Pimpin slugs n***a
Life in the ghetto was f**ed up
And y'all can't see that Reaganomics is demonic
Y'all lame a** rappers in the game go find your petty thuganomics
Economic crisis
And yall are so blind to see
That 9/11 was a secret government conspiracy
But you still don't f**ing hear me
Firebirds, Babylon rotisserie crispy
f** history, its not mine
I stay with a grip
Extra fully loaded clips Metal Gear Solid
The revolution is the only solution
All opposing forces will get demolished (Hiya!)

( [?] every man woman and child)

[Hook x2]

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