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Aoki Tsuki Michite ("The Pale Full Moon") - Aoki Tsuki Michite (The Pale Full Moon) lyrics

Try with all of your might
But none can hide from this unforgiving moonlight
Bear your scars like a prayer - Another wish lost to the night

Every step I take, every fallen tear
Weaves another lie, a curse I will bear
There's a part of me, struggling to break free: It lives within the dark

Will tomorrow come at last?
In a million shards of broken gla**
Fate is bleeding through my resilient soul
Dyeing it a pale and fragile blue

There is beauty in the lie, spoken like a bittersweet goodbye
Still that brilliant light is beyond my reach
Maybe I belong here – beneath the light of the moon

Praise your palette of lies
For it's a masterpiece that you have created
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All of your promises, bleeding in flawless harmony

Sing another spell, paint another dream
We could bring to life a new reality
All of my mistakes, gathering like storm clouds
Will soon rain down on me

Are we dancing in our chains?
Blinded by the by pride inside our veins
I once feared the end, praying for my life
Now I greet that darkness as a friend

There's one thing I will protect
It's the innocence they all neglect
I can hear a voice, like a melody, rivaling the silence
For once I feel I am free

Maybe there's a chance, a way out of this cruel and deadly dance, but at what cost?
Again the full moon is lost to the night

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