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How can one hope to describe the nature of the music Anything Box makes? Three people. One stage. Microchips. Human Beat /The ghost of Moon on hard disc. A 1965 Gibson SG which is often sampled. MPC. /So many questions arise. What follows the longing to be loved? What is 'being' someone? Why does sonic chaos and melody go so well together? Why is our galaxy so big? Who are we really? Where did we come from? Is Time travel real? br /Anything Box is more than just music, self expression of life through electronic noises. Abox is a lesson in life, an ever evolving story about being poor, coming to California to record an album, getting a few hits, touring the world... And still remain true to the origional purpose: To make something of this gift we all have within us. Not many people are willing to admit that there are such things as divine gifts. br /Don't be afraid. Be yourself. That is your /www.anythingbox.combr / /

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