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Any Last Words - Work, Take sh**, Lather, Rinse, Repeat, Repeat, Repeat... lyrics

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It seems like the only reason to go on is I dont believe in suicide but I cant just last 'til the next show which will snap first will it be my body or my mind either way it wouldnt be the first time and now it takes its f**ing toll doesnt anyone notice this is getting old? Wasting out rime, wasting our lives bust your a** and finish school get a job being a f**ing tool f** all that sh** you heard before! I'VE MET THE END OF ME I try to keep my head above the water, but I f**ing drown! Keep on waiting for this sound everything else is just in between my life my lovoe is for the scene but I have to make ends meet the end of me and I cant last another breath I wanna tear it all f**ing down destruction in the back of my mind and if you think I'm giving up or giving in you better think again the only thing I'm giving up is this middle finger

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